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Hephaistos' Offer


Modern day couple ROB and PHIL return home from their two-year anniversary only to find a surprise visitor waiting for them: in their apartment has appeared the ancient Greek deity HEPHAISTOS, god of the forge. As he does in Plato’s Symposum, HEPHAISTOS offers to return the lovers to the original state of mortals by joining them into a single physical being.  One of them is on board with the idea. The other hesitates. The couple has it out over whether or not to accept this bizarre offer, but, with only 24 hours to choose, what will they decide?

photo by Maki Borden

Over the course of this 25-minute apartment play, ROB and PHIL must grapple with just what it is we all want from this thing called Love. HEPHAISTOS’ OFFER asks if the course of love has changed since the days of Gods and myths, and suggests that this God's strange offer is still relevant in our world today.


25 minutes

3 M


Shellscrape's Apartment Series

featuring Neil Redfield, Ben Lorenz, and Brian Alford

Directed by Elissa Geostcheus

May 5th, 2017

Theatre Thursdays, or In The Next Room (reading)

featuring Brendan Dalton, Maki Borden, and Neil Redfield

directed by Elissa Geostcheus

November 17, 2016

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