LOVE: The Madness of the Gods

There is a fight in the heavens, and it is about to be brought to Earth.


The three sibling Gods of Love, Eros, Aphrodite, and Urania, can’t seem to agree on which of them is the strongest, so they have come to us mortals to settle the matter.


In this theatrical solo show based on contemporary love research, classical literature, and heavy dose of adapted Greek mythology, Neil Redfield embodies each of the Gods of Love as they appeal to humanity, trying to answer once and for all the question: Which is the strongest love of all?

play / 50 minutes / 2 actors



Decent Company: Halfway Decent (9/27/16)

Barn Arts Collective Development Residency (7/24-7/31/16)

Decent Company: beginnings and endings (4/18/16)

Decent Company: LUST (2/15/16)