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LOVE: The Madness of the Gods

A woman, down on her luck and desperate to know true love, calls on the three Gods of Love for help, but the summoning quickly goes out of hand. It turns out that these universal forces of love - Eros, god of lust, Aphrodite, goddess of passion, and Urania, goddess of attachment - are not quite what they seem.

In this theatrical event inspired by contemporary love research, classical literature, and heavy dose of adapted Greek mythology, Neil Redfield embodies three Gods of Love as they appear to humanity, each with something to prove.

play / 60 minutes / 2 actors



Decent Company: Halfway Decent (9/27/16)

Barn Arts Collective Development Residency (7/24-7/31/16)

Decent Company: beginnings and endings (4/18/16)

Decent Company: LUST (2/15/16)

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