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Hi there!


I'm Neil Redfield. Thanks for coming to check me out. I’m an actor, writer, and improvisor and I love being in relationship with an audience.

I have worked in theatre, film, TV, and commercials. Most recently, I made my streaming debut on The Gilded Age (s2e05).  I’ve performed theatre with Dallas Theater Center, Berkshire Theatre Group, The Barnstormers, and others, with a major highlight being Liz SwadosThe Nomad (at The Flea). I also perform improv around NYC with my troupe The Bisque. (Our shows raise money for abortion access organizations. Check us out on IG!)

As a writer, I create stories about love, mythology, and human darkness. My short film Before will soon be making its rounds in the film festival circuit. I also tour my solo show, Pim’s Metamorphoses, a contemporary queer adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, around the country.

I received my MFA in acting from Southern Methodist University, and before that I spent years training with SITI Company and the Suzuki Company of Toga. I now teach Suzuki and Viewpoints, and have done so at the 

graduate level. I also owe deep gratitude to Joan Rosenfels for my artistic development. Thank you, Joan.

I also have a deep interest in audience studies. I am currently in the process of a master's degree at NYU’s Experimental Humanities (XE) program, where I study and write about the phenomenon of audiences and the relationship between audience and performance which we so often take for granted.

Beyond all that, I’m a marathon runner, husband, and a proud Texas native. Thanks for stopping by.



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