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I teach improv, Suzuki, and general scene study, as well as conduct one-on-one acting coaching. If you're interested in working with me as a teacher or coach, please send me a message through the contact form on the "About Me" page.

To download my teaching resume, click here.


Suzuki Method of Actor Training

After training for years with SITI Company in NYC and spending two summers training directly with the Suzuki Company of Toga, I now teach Suzuki classes (as well as Viewpoints). I seek to bridge the gap between the precise and demanding movement/breathing work of Suzuki with the specific demands of contemporary acting (especially for on-camera work). My approach emphasizes the fostering of relationship to target and development of rich inner life which can be applied to any mode of performance. 

Neil has taught Suzuki at both the undergradute and graduate levels. His year-long Suzuki class was part of Southern Methodist University's first-year MFA training during the '19-'20 school year. 

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With over ten years of experience performing improv comedy, I love to share my grounded, emotional approach to the work. I studied with UCB in NYC and  have performed in many indie troupes over the years. I currently perform with my indie troupe, The Bisque.

I teach a variety of one-off workshops ranging from the fundamentals of scene building to identifying and playing game. I can adapt a variety of introductory and intermediate workshops to fit most needs of time and size limitations. 

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