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Film Reel 

Neil singing "A Major Award" from A Christmas Story

Commercial Reel

说法 or Trying to Speak

A short film I wrote and acted in. Features Mandarin. April 2020. More info here.

Shakespeare Drama - Lysander, Midsummer Night's Dream


Commercial VO Demo


Neil's current commercial VO demo.

Commercial VO DemoNeil Redfield
Slimene (from The Nomad)Liz Swados

Original Cast Recording - The Nomad by Liz Swados


Neil singing "Slimene" from the orginal cast recording of The Nomad, a musical by Liz Swados and Erin Courtney which premeired at The Flea in April 2015. Music director: Trevor Bachman.


  • "Ludruk and the Missing Audiences"

    • A guest post for The New Party Blog that compares our theatre class system to that of a proletarian Javanese drama form called ludruk. November 2017. 



  • "Gay porn and ancient erotica"

    • Interview for the inagural Decent Company: LUST on my piece Eros: Guest Lecturer, an early version of my solo show LOVE: The Madness of the Gods. February 2016.

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