Film Reel. Scenes:

- Dramedy. Dopey Lover

- Drama. College intellectual

- Comedy. Cocky student. (Speaking Mandarin)

"Slimene" from The Nomad by Liz Swados

(original production. The Flea. March 2015)

Pim's Metamorphoses Preview Reel

Preview of one of my solo shows

Singing "Falling in Love with Love"

说法 or Trying to Speak

A short film I wrote and acted in. Features Mandarin. April 2020. More info here.


  • Slimene (from The Nomad)
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  • Liz Swados
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Original Cast Recording - The Nomad by Liz Swados


Neil singing "Slimene" from the orginal cast recording of The Nomad, a musical by Liz Swados and Erin Courtney which premeired at The Flea in April 2015. Music director: Trevor Bachman.


  • "Ludruk and the Missing Audiences"

    • A guest post for The New Party Blog that compares our theatre class system to that of a proletarian Javanese drama form called ludruk. November 2017. 



  • "Gay porn and ancient erotica"

    • Interview for the inagural Decent Company: LUST on my piece Eros: Guest Lecturer, an early version of my solo show LOVE: The Madness of the Gods. February 2016.

  • Commercial VO Demo
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  • Neil Redfield
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Commercial VO Demo


Neil's current commercial VO demo.

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