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Samples from previous research are available upon request.

Audience Ethnography


Neil's passion for creating theatre has lead him to a complementary academic interest: the audience. What happens in the audience during a theatre performance? Who makes up this audience? Why do they come? 

Grounded in the training and education he received at University of Delaware's highly respected undergraduate anthropology department (BA, 2014. summa cum laude, PBK), he has conducted audience ethnography research on the theatre audience of the Berkshire Theater Group in Massachusetts, and is interested in expanding that research to include other theatre audiences in different regions of the country.


Ethnography can provide rapid insight into any group of people, including a theatre audience. Audience research of this vein (iterative-inductive and qualitative, instead of quantitative) is ideal for companies undergoing rapid changes in audiences, leadership, or who simplt wish to have an external perspective on their patrons. 


Neil is currently looking to undertake another audience ethnography project.  Please contact him through the "Contact" page if you have further inquiry or if your company would like to discuss a potential audience ethnography project. 

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