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Pim's Metamorphoses



Pim used to stay up all night because he was afraid the sun wouldn't rise the next morning. But he's long since outgrown that fear. Or has he? Late one night, he finds himself falling back through himself and into stories of heroes, myth, and transformation. Just who will be become on the other side?

A modern epic poem. A vlog through the looking glass. A live performance. A celebration of ancient stories and new mediums. Inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses. 

Pim’s Metamorphoses is a solo performance once built for in-person performance, then rebuilt specifically for digital viewing. It simultaneously celebrates live storytelling while boldly embracing the new digital performance medium. 

Solo show, written and performed by Neil Redfield

1 actor

90 minutes

MOST RECENT PERFORMANCE: May 27th - June 5th, 2021 presented by The Tank

Click here for the digital program, including collaborator bios. 

Inquiries? Contact

Pims Metamorphoses_Poster Web 2_The Tank
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Pims Metamorphoses_Poster Web1_The Tank

Graphic design by Allie Yacina


Second Digital Run, Presented by The Tank (5/27/21 - 6/5/21)

First Digital Run (1/27/21 - 1/30/21)

Invited workshop showing in San Antonio, TX (1/6/20)

    SMU MFA Solo Performance Class Showing (12/10/19)

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